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Ihor Markov

Ігор Марков

Ihor Markov, PhD., currently is in Doctorantura of Ethnology Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv. The Head of the Department of the Social Antropology of the Institute of Ethnology, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2013-2017), Director of the Laboratory for Social Research in Lviv. He has a PhD in ethnology. The areas of expertise include social dynamics and identities, social communication, political process, transnational and global migration. Dr. Markov has an experience of leading and participation in several international and national projects in the field of migration. He was the Local Coordinator for Ukraine in multy-country Research Consortium of the research project EURA-NET Transnational Migration in Transition: Transformative Characteristics of Temporary Mobility of People (2014-2017). The project was founded by the European Union 7-th Framework Programme. He has coordinated comprehensive study of the processes of Ukrainian labor migration in the EU and Russia conducted directly in 8 host countries of immigrants in 2006-2010, funded by RENOVABIS. Ihor Markov is a member of the International Editorial Board of the Journal "Migration and Development" (Routledge), the International Network “Migration and Development” and the Sociological Association of Ukraine (SAU). e-mail: List of publications

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