The Ethnology Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Maria Mayerchyk

Марія Маєрчик

Maria Mayerchyk (1971) as a candidate of sciences (in history), a senior research associate at Ethnology Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; editor-in-chief of a scholarly peer-reviewed open-access online journal “Feminist Critique: East European Journal of Feminist and Queer Studies”; vice-director of the “Center for Cultural-Anthropological Studies”. In 2003 she defended her dissertation at the Rylski Institute of Art Studies, Folkloristics, and Ethnology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv). In 2011 she published a monograph “Ritual and Body: Structural-Semantic Study of Family Cycle Rituals” (Kyiv: Krytyka, 2011). She was academic director of the “Gender, Sexuality, and Power” ReSET/HESP project (2011-2014). She has got fellowships in the USA (Harvard University, 2012; University of South Florida, 2007-2008), Canada (University of Alberta, 2008-2009), Hungary (Central European University, 2010, 2012), Bulgaria (Centre for Advanced Studies Sofia, 2017), and research grant from International Association for Humanities (2012). She teaches courses on queer theory, feminism, sociology of sexuality, and gender theory. Her scholarly interests include anthropology and history of sexuality, sexuality and nationalism; history (genealogy) of knowledge, ethnology; constructionist epistemologies, feminist, gender, and queer theory, post-/decolonial critique; contemporary feminism and LGBT movements in Ukraine. e-mail: Publication list