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Svitlana Odynets

Світлана Одинець

Dr. Svitlana Odynets, Junior Fellow, Experienced Researcher (PhD in Migration Studies/Ethnology) with a demonstrated history of working in the academia, nonprofit sektor, bussines and journalism. Skilled in Migration studies, Social Anthropology, Oral History, Editorial Process, and PR. Participation in EU-financed research projects (EURA-Net, ITHACA). Columnist and blogger in Ukrainian and international media. Her research projects are concerned with Eastern European transnational migration, anthropology of mobility, gender, memory and migration, labor markets. The newest academic articles: “Caught between East and West: Ukrainian migration in the 21st century'' (in cooperation with Lyubov Zhyznomisrska) ; “The Ukrainian Migrations in the Global World: A Picnic on the Road” (in Ukrainian) , e-mail: More: . List of publications

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